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Would you like to help exercise the West Percy Hounds

You need to be fit, active and available on a set regular basis....

No experience necessary - just enthusiasm and willingness to learn

Please contact Giles for more details

07769 690 249


Tumblers Club!

To raise a bit of money for our Hunt a Tumblers Club is being introducedLaughingLaughing

For every fall a small fee will be levied!

£10 for adults

£5 for children under the age of 16

(No charge after first 3 falls!)

The Tumblers Club includes everyone out hunting be it on foot, quad, horse or pony. Getting bogged down also counts as a tumble!

A tally will be kept with a prize at the end of season.

Fallers in 2016/17 Season:

Craig Anderson

Andrew Young

Dave Richardson

Jasmine Ford

Charlotte Spores

Roly Telford

Jess Bartrum

Claire Dunn

Susie Barwise-Munro

Andrew Robson

Oliver Jones-Davies

Simon Landale

Rosie Spours

Ally Graham (3)

Danny Anderson

Chris & Annabelle Blythe

Steve Clarke

Tom Clarke

Cathy Burns

Stu Gray

Grant Cummings

Katy Dixon

Zac Brown

Keith Restall (2)

Grace Collingwood Cameron

Gary Herdman

Franki Herdman (2)

Giles Bennett (4)

Kirstie Hargreaves (3)

Annabelle Gray

Phillippa Shell (2)

Sam Herdman (2)

Poppy Dodd

Robert Telford (5)

Will Williams

Boo Crisp

John Tweedie

Martha Cussins

We hope you will own up (!) and report your tumbles at the end of the day to Phillie, Danny or Angela.


West Percy Hunt Cards


A selection of cards is now available

(see Gallery for images)

Cost £1.75 each or 10 for £15

On Sale at Hunt Breakfast and most Meets

Contact Helen Wyld for more information




Horse available to hire


Seasoned experienced middle weight hunter. Suitable for all sizes and for novice rider. 


Can be dropped off and collected. Escort rider may be arranged.


Contact Sarah McClure on 07833 563872 












Copies of any of the photos in the Photo Galleries may be purchased - contact or speak to Helen Wyld or Alec Burns



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